Must See Documentary: The Art of Blending Cognac

Cognac is claiming it’s place in the Cocktail universe! cognac-and-tonic-646

For many out there Cognac is what your grandfather drank next to the fire place. But it is so much more and with the Craft Cocktail movement Cognac is been taken from the shadows and being given the attention it deserves. Chefs have always used this spirit due to its intensity and great flavor when cooked and mixed with other fine ingredients. Cognac’s sweetness, density and aroma make it stand out among the rest. Alcohol from grapes is much sweeter and complex than other made from potato, corn or even sugarcane.

In the Cognac region some families that harvest grapes have been there since 1744. This region produces such good grapes because the soil is high in lime stone, which stresses the vine. Stressed vines produce good grapes which in turn produce good wine that in the end gives goo Cognac! – “Beautiful”

The quality of the wood and craftsmanship of the Barrels is another key factor of Cognac. The barrels are water tight but are not air tight which allows their contents to breath and blend with its environment as  it ages.

704px-Map_of_Cognac_Regions3.svgThis is a great documentary that covers the different ways in which Cognac is being used and blended. How Mixologists, Chefs and Someliers follow tradition and have lots of respect for Cognac but also how they are taking it to new places.




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