Very Cool: Experimental Craft Vodka Distillery

Industry City Distillery is located in Brooklyn

There goal is to pursue better Craft Spirits through science. They are responsible for producing Industry Standard Vodka.


Their first and only project so fr is Vodka. Why Vodka? “Because it’s hard.”

It cannot be put into barrels, you can’t add herbs or flavors to hide or disguise what you are not so happy about.

Every piece of equipment used to make Industry Standard was developed in their laboratory, built and modified in their shop, and put right to work.

There is a whole new generation of young artists / scientists that are pushing things to whole new level. Making small batches, hand made equipment and being mindful to the environment.  Weather it is producing Vodka, Craft Beer, Mixology, or Cooking, people are starting to understand that more is not necessarily better. And to make in small batches while following your passion and respecting the product will get you very satisfying results.

It is a very exciting time to be a consumer, and have an appetite for the finer things in life this day in age.

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