When it comes to Tequila, make sure it is 100% Agave

 Not all that shines is gold and not all  Golden Tequila is 100% Agave

I think it is time to do some justice to good tequila, and clear out it’s name. Time after time I hear people say “I cant even smell Tequila” or “ I do not drink Tequila because it gives me the worst hangover“. Well, believe it or not what you might have been drinking was not entirely tequila, it probably was a mixture of Tequila with some other grain alcohol.

Look For 100% Agave on the label (even better if it is Agave Azul)

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Believe it or not, some of the most mainstream tequila is actually not 100% tequila. Close your eyes, and think of the Tequila bottle you made your margarita’s with at that party back in 1997, or think of what Tequila you did body shots with back in college! Are you picturing that tequila bottle we all grew up with. Well that Tequila is not 100% Tequila!!!! Now here is the tricky part, it says Tequila in the bottle but it is only 51% actual Tequila. What you want to read in the label is 100% Agave or better yet 100% Agave Azul (Blue Agave).

This is done mainly to reduce costs, in an attempt to bring cheap Tequila to the masses they added 49% of something else. So if you ask me is this funky mixture we have come to know as  Tequila is the real deal? NO, it is not.

Do yourself a favor spend a little bit more money and get 100% tequila, and you will see the difference. Trust me! Want to take it up another notch, lose the lime and salt and just enjoy it do not shoot it. You can do a blind test and just by smelling the two types of Tequila, you can tell the difference.

Premium Tequila patron silver tequila

On the other hand, now a days you can find some amazing Tequila. Specially if you have an opportunity to visit Mexico. Which let me encourage you to do so. Most of the best known Tequila Names are producing special family reserves which are truly amazing. For example the Gonzales Family, which is the Family name behind Don Julio (Gonzalez) produce a Tequila called Reserva de Los Gonzalez.  Cuervo also produces Reserva de La Familia which is an amazing Tequila as well.

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