Chartreuse is available at Roosevelt Bar in Denver

Chartreuse is a french liqueur composed of distilled alcohol flavored with 130 herbal extracts.

It was orriginally made by the Carthusian Monks since 1737.

It gets it’s name from the Grande Chartreuse monastery. Chartreuse is available in two versions green and yellow versions. Yellow Chartreuse has a milder and sweeter flavor than it’s green counterpart. It is one of the handful of liquors that continues to age and improve in the bottle

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This fragrant liqueur takes its green color naturally from the chlorophyl of the plants.

The product speaks for itself. Come to Roosevelt Denver Bar and try this magnificent french elixir! It is truly a different experience.  Come try our Cocktails like – The Dream Girl,  Agua Priet containing this great spirit, or feel free to  browse our extensive Cocktail selection.

Chartreuse has a very strong characteristic taste. It is very sweet, but becomes both spicy and pungent. It is comparable to other herbal liqueurs such as Galliano, Liquore Stregaor Kräuterlikör, though it is distinctively more vegetal. Like other liqueurs, its flavour is sensitive to serving temperature. If straight it can be served very cold but is often served at room temperature. It also features in some cocktails. Some mixed drink recipes call for only a few drops of Chartreuse due to the assertive flavour. It is popular in French ski resorts where it is mixed with hot chocolate and called Green Chaud.


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