Handcrafted Quality American Cocktails at the Roosevelt

At Roosevelt Denver bar, we take pride in our handcrafted quality American cocktails. We have meticulously crafted our very own set of cocktails using the finest spirits and mixers and added our own little spin. Gone are the days of ordering a “Manhattan” or a “Cosmo”. Today, if you want to stand out in the cocktail world, you need to work the fine art of mixology. That is part of what makes the Roosevelt a cut above the rest when it comes to cocktails that are unique, fresh and flavorful.

Mixers on Bar

The return of the jigger

Don’t be fooled by the use of this little tool. For much too long it has gotten a bad rep in the bartending world. Thanks to increasing popularity of mixology, this is all changing. Mixology is quickly earning respect as an artisanal craft. It can be likened to that of a fine baker. The return of the jigger when it comes to creating and mixing the perfect cocktail is now a symbol of care and exactness, the two most important tools when it comes to a great cocktail. So don’t automatically assume that just because your bartender uses a jigger to measure out your cocktail that he or she is either unexperienced or micromanaged. Or worse: cheap. Your bartender simply wants you to have the best cocktail possible, and that takes passion and meticulous attention to detail and exact measurements. At Roosevelt, this is our mission with each and every cocktail we pour.

Perfect Pour

Cocktail Creations

Roosevelt is all about the customer. We want you to enjoy our handcrafted cocktails while mingling with your friends and the other guests in this classic, upscale bar in the LoDo district. You can always come and enjoy a classic, perfectly mixed cocktail like a 50/50 Martini or a Sidecar. Or you can be a little adventurous and try one of our cocktail creations for only $10. These are the cocktails we are most proud of as we have taken time to use the finest ingredients, and added a few twists to play with flavor as well as texture to make a uniquely handcrafted cocktail for our customers. It’s not just about flavor anymore, mixologist are also playing with color and texture, and using molecular science to turn a simple liquor into something completely different. Like our house made Grenadine caviar, or the Dom Benedictine foam that gives our creations that extra twist to excite your palate. To mix a great new cocktail, you need not only a fine palate, but a fine imagination.

Interior of the Roosevelt Denver

Classy and down to earth atmosphere

You can’t go wrong at Roosevelt. If you love a beautifully mixed cocktail then Roosevelt is the place for you. Located in the LoDo Denver area, this is the place for quit conversations, and coming down after a long hectic work day with some fine spirits and handcrafted quality American cocktails.

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