10 rules to being a good bartender that apply to life

This 10 rules will make you a better bartender, but also better at whatever you do.

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1. People are watching, act accordingly

No matter what you are: Rodeo Clown, Doctor, NBA player, Priest, or a Family man. You should look the part, people will respect you and your trade a lot more.

2. Know what you serve and why

Know your stuff! You cannot be the best at what unless you learn the basics, master them, and apply them flawlessly.

3. Good cash handling

Manage you finances and do it well. Be responsible pay your bills on time, make a budget and avoid being impulsive.

4. Control your environment

what can you do to make where you are a better more enjoyable place, turn on the lights, the A/C might be to strong, change the flowers!

5. Branch out

Do not be static, learn new skills, improve the ones you have. Nowadays things change rapidly and it is vital to be on top of our game.

6. Know a joke or two and when to use them

Having a sense of humor is an incredible quality to have, and timing is key.

7. Keep a clean bar

Turn off the TV for a moment and clean up. It makes it so much better walking in to a clean apartment or office. Your mind and the people around you will appreciate it.

8. Mise en place

Prepare beforehand, think ahead and have the things you will need ready for use. This way you will save time and be more efficient.

9. Open your mouth

Smile, be courteous, say good morning, good bye, have a good day.

10. Keep your mouth shut

“You own what you keep to yourself, and you are enslaved by what you say”.


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